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RGY4-15 softgel encapsulator

This is small capacity equipment that is suitable for sampling production or small batch production. It is compact in structure, with a patented pendulum align die roll and an open housing assemble structure, easy to use and maintain.

3Plunger dosage1.5mL(±1.5%)
4Production capacity30,600 pcs/h @3rpm (8#OV); 14,850 pcs/h @3rpm (20#OB)
5Spindle supportbearing method
6Gelatin drum cooling methodexternal chiller
7Gelatin ribbon lubrication methodmicro lubrication pump
8Feeding pump lubricationcirculation out of outside circulation with diaphragm pump
9Material of gelatin drumstainless steel, chrome-coated

The die roll diameter is the same as the die roll diameter of the large-scale production equipment, which can better accommodate the size of the die roll cavity and the process parameters of encapsualtion.

Touch screen control and display;

An independent chiller is used to control the temperature of the gelatin drum, which is more stable and more convenient to operate;

The gelatin level is controlled by a capacitive proximity switch, which is non-contact, stable and reliable;

Precision metering pumps are used to achieve a small amount of lubrication on gealtin ribbon, while saving lubricants and reducing the time for drying soft capsules;

The die roll shaft drive uses a new transmission structure, making the drive simple and reliable;

A precise connecting-rod mechanism is used for die roll alignment to achieve pre-line alignment and accurate adjustment, which is convenient to operate. Only one person can complete the operation and it can be adjusted on line;

An open housing assemble structure is used for easy inspection and maintenance;

The device has low energy consumption, compact structure and small footprint, and is suitable for pilot test or small batch production.