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RGY10-15II softgel encapsulator

RGY10-15II softgel encapsulator is soft capsule production type equipment, which has a large output and stable performance and is widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals and health products. A patented spindle seat structure of the head mold is used to greatly extend the MTBF

3Plunger dosage1.5mL (±1.5%)
4Capsule output123,200 particles/hour @ 4rpm (8#OV); 55,440 particles/hour @ 4rpm (20# OB)
5Spindle supportbearing
6Gelatin drum cooling methodexternal chiller
7Gelatin ribbon lubrication methodindependent 4 sets of micro lubrication pump
8Housing assemble and feeding pump lubrication methodoutside circulation with the independent magnetic pump
9Material of gelatin drumstainless steel, chrome-coated

A patented die roll spindle base structure has higher accuracy and longer MTBF;

High-precision, digital, on-line controlled micro gelatin ribbon lubrication system, which can remember the best lubricant value and make more convenient and accurate adjustments. The capsules do not need cleaning, which shortens the drying time and increases production efficiency;

An independent chiller is used to control the temperature of the the gelatin drum, which is more stable and more convenient to operate;

The gelatin level is controlled by a capacitive proximity switch, which is non-contact, stable and reliable;

The light conveyor is small in size and light in weight, convenient to disassemble and easy to clean;

The design of the user interface is more user-friendly, simple and intuitive, and easy to learn and understand;

A patented wedge lift mechanism and a mechanical limit structure are used to prevent accidents;

A patented balance dosage structure for feeding pump is used to ensure dosage stability and material adaptability;

A patented die roll cold-air technology can increase the production efficiency and yield (optional)when encapsulating special materials;

The overall operation of the equipment is stable and reliable, and it is suitable for mass production.