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BLL-360 centrifugal coating granulating machine

The BLL-360 slow control and release coating granulator is the experimental production equipment for various spherical pills. It can produce high-quality pellets, micropellets, bulk granules (Qimu method) and different combinations of different drug layered particles, as well as pill coating (film, enteric, gastric soluble, protective layer, coloring, etc.) and drying. The manufactured particles have a high rate of true sphericity, which are uniform in size, beautiful and easy for quantitative analysis, with a high yield.In addition, it can also be used in food, pesticide, chemical and other fields.

1Masterbatch input (stacking density 0.7)0.5~1.5kg
2Ball particles output (stacking density 0.7) 2.5~5kg
3Rotator diameter360mm
4Compressed air consumption25L/min
5Hot air temperature control rageroom temperature ~ 80℃
6Rotator speed0~500r/min
7Spray pump displacement0.07~90 mL/min