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In order to provide more comprehensive services to the customers, our company has established the lab and field environmental condition completely in accordance with the GMP pharmaceutical factory to beg, on the one hand, to improve their experience in soft capsule production process and to test new technology and new technology, on the other hand, can be pressed soft capsule for the user to try and provide the corresponding technology support services.

During equipment installation and commissioning, our training operators and maintenance personnel on site.

Training content: the basic working principle of equipment, equipment operation, equipment maintenance, equipment failure analysis and fault elimination, daily maintenance and regular maintenance of equipment, wearing parts, mould replacement procedures, such as mold and dose adjustments to the line.

The level of training: do the user's operation personnel of all control equipment operating procedures, can normal operation equipment, pressure of qualified soft capsule; The maintenance staff to grasp equipment maintenance measures, repair, maintenance, correctly ruled out the general equipment failure.


    Can design soft capsule production line workshop ...